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My Book: What People Are Saying

August 31, 2011

My book is being released this coming week, and you can order from several outlets listed here. I was honored and blessed to receive some awesome endorsements from some amazing people, and thought I’d pass them on here.


At last! A book that interprets the challenges of college ministry through a distinctly missional lens. No longer can we simply view work among students simply as evangelism…we have to adopt a missionary stance in relation to this increasingly complex task. This is an intensely practical, and theologically substantial orientation on what it means to do college ministry in 21st Century America. Way to go Steve.

Alan Hirsch

Author of The Forgotten WaysUntamed, and Right Here, Right Now, among others


The future of the world is being decided right now on college campuses. Steve helps us figure out how the missional renaissance can find a home there. It had better, because if it doesn’t, it won’t be home anywhere for long. Anyone interested in being the “sent ones” to the non-church culture will benefit from reading this book. The insights for connecting with student populations are good for anyone thinking about missional living.

Reggie McNeal

Author of Missional Renaissance and The Present Future, among others


As someone who has ministered to university students in the American South for fifteen years, I cannot thank Steve enough for this book. This is a rare work of theological depth, sociological candor and methodological wisdom. It is a call to personal renewal for those involved in campus ministry and a field guide for the public reclamation of our campuses for the glory and fame of God. You will not be able to put this down!

Matt Adair

Lead Pastor, Christ Community Church, Athens, GA; regional coordinator, The Acts 29 Network


Every once in a while you run across a book that is so “on target” that you just can’t put it down. THIS IS ONE OF THOSE BOOKS! College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture is a must read for anyone wanting to reach today’s college students with the good news of Jesus Christ! This book is poised to assist college and campus ministers make the necessary transitions to a more missional model of ministry, in order to reach an increasingly uninterested target audience, during some of the most formative years of their lives. Thanks for this Steve!

Dr. Guy Chmieleski

University Minister, Belmont University; blogger at


College Ministry in a Post Christian Culture sounds like a straight-forward title and in many ways it is–anyone interested in advancing Christ’s Kingdom on college campuses will learn much solid information. Chapter 3 is so innovative and yet practical that it is worth the price of the book!  At closer look this fascinating book covers so much new ground it should be considered essential reading for anyone involved in this particular mission field, a field Lutz knows well and cares about immensely.  He tells honest stories from his own ministry, sharing his own successes and failures.  This is obviously a vivid report from the field.  As a theologian, Lutz roots all his missional vision-casting in a serious understanding of the way the gospel can transform us, and how that ripples out into every area of life in higher education (and the nearby churches that care about them.)  This is game-changing stuff, exciting and important.

Byron Borger

Hearts & Minds Books,


In College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture Steve Lutz provides a much needed resource for understanding and connecting with one of the most strategic ministry people groups in the world – college students. The priority given throughout the book on the importance of missionality on college campuses makes it a book that is not only unique, but highly valuable. It is not only solidly theological but one that will be most helpful in the hands of a practitioner. Anyone involved in campus ministry will not want to be without this resource. I really cannot recommend this book more highly. 

Brad Brisco

Church Planting Strategist, blogger at

In my experience, college students are some of the best, most effective missionaries in the Church. However, the way God is reaching, developing and sending out students looks drastically different than it did 20 years ago. This book concisely captures the current movement of God that has the potential to transform existing campus ministries as well as the campuses they engage.  I am thrilled to see such a robust theological and practical work for the collegiate context!

Todd Engstrom

Pastor of Missional Communities, The Austin Stone Community Church

Many Christians have agreed that the college campus is one of the most strategic mission fields of the 21st century. College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture provides the best strategy I have seen for how to reach students and (the institution itself) with the Gospel. Steve Lutz clearly explains why college ministry is so desperately needed and offers a missional paradigm to effectively minister to today’s students.

Derek Melleby

Author of Make College Count: A Faithful Guide to Life and Learning

Steve Lutz provides a paradigm shift for college ministry that will determine whether or not campus ministries actually sustain reciprocal relationships with non-Christian and unchurched students in the future, or if the prevailing vision will continue to be simply providing space for Christians to withdraw deeper into “holy huddle” subcultures. Lutz will challenge every campus ministry leader to rethink what it means to love the college campus.

Anthony B. Bradley, PhD

Associate Professor of Theology and Ethics, The King’s College (New York City)

Steve Lutz has been making disciples on America’s #1 party campus for years. This guy knows what it takes to build an effective outreach to modern college students, and shares his experiences in this informative, engaging and inspiring book.

David Murrow

Author, Why Men Hate Going to Church; Founder,

College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture is a fresh analysis of the way that church and collegiate ministries view today’s college campus.  Long gone are the days of campus-wide impact simply through attractional events and meetings. Steve offers Christians thoughtful insights into the need for missional-incarnational engagement with students and campus groups.  Read this book and get ready to change the way you do ministry!

Mark Lydecker

Student Mobilizer, North American Mission Board

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